July 23, 2011

Mallory's 1st Birthday

I feel like I post so much about Luke, so this entire post is dedicated to our sweet little cupcake, Mallory!

I cannot believe we are already celebrating Mallory's 1st birthday. I swear she was just born yesterday. I think time goes by even faster with the second child. Is that possible? Mallory's birthday celebrations kicked off with a Gigi's cupcake on her actual birthday at home. Then, she had a party with her classmates at school. How cute are they?!

We had her party at Grandy and Gigi's lakehouse on Memorial Day weekend! It was very laid back with close friends and family. We enjoyed some snacks, took a boat ride, and gobbled up cake and ice cream! Mallory dug into her cake. Luke was so tentative that we had to show him how to dig into his cake at his 1st birthday, but not Mallory! She had icing all over the place including the back of her chair. How do you do that?!

Sweet Mallory, you are our garbage disposal, eating everything; and our godzilla, knocking over all of Luke's toys. You give us lots of smiles and love to giggle when you do something you're not supposed to, like climb the steps. You love your brother and follow him around everywhere. While you're not as laid back as your brother, you have so much personality! You are a tough girl and don't flinch when you accidentally get hit in the head with a baseball bat. I'm so excited that I'll have a shopping buddy for life! You have brought so much joy into our lives and we can't wait to see you grow and develop! We love you!

I'll end the post with some of my favorite pictures of Mallory from the past year...

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